Chiro Kids Corner was created by Dr. Troy Miles to bring Chiropractic products specifically designed for children to Australia.  The idea behind CKC is to create and source products that help Chiropractors to build and grow their own family practice, full of vibrant healthy children. 
After creating the ChiroClicker, the world's first Chiropractic adjusting toy for kids, Dr Troy met Dr Joe Fiorino from Chirocept who had created a range of Chiropractic kids tables and toys.  After seeing these himself and using them in his practice, Dr Troy thought that Australian and New Zealand Chiropractors would also love these products. This was the start of Chiro Kids Corner.  
Dr Troy has been getting adjusted, along with his entire family, since he was first born and has grown up knowing the benefits of Chiropractic for children first hand.  Since becoming a Chiropractor in 2004, he has been passionate about Chiropractic care for children of all ages. The ChiroClicker and CKC are a small part of helping to get more children checked and adjusted around the world.